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Getting approval from the bank is tough these days


Here are a few tips to help us really understand your client’s needs and give them the best possible solution:


Tell us a story

Life happens! We get that. We want to help your client get back on track even if they’ve hit a speed bump on their financial journey. So tell us their story. We love a good story.



It’s NOT a numbers game

We look at more than just numbers. Let’s face it – numbers don’t always add up. We look past the credit score by reviewing all the details in the credit report – getting a sense of who your client is. So if your client doesn’t fit in the bank’s “box”, send them to us! We live outside the box in a land with real people, not numbers.



An eye for detail

A few details can go a long way. What is the purpose for the funds? Do they own other properties? Are they working towards an exit strategy? If their credit is bruised, is there a story there? (we love stories, remember?)

This kind of information helps us to provide a creative solution for your client’s individual needs.



We look forward to working with you on your next deal!


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