About Us

Cove Mortgage Ltd. is one of British Columbia’s oldest private lending firms. We work directly with brokers to offer creative, common sense mortgage solutions for those clients who do not fit within traditional bank guidelines.

Navigating this business since 1976, we have learned to adapt to every unexpected turn in the real estate market and in the alternative lending world. We have access to funds from a variety of sources, including our own MIC (mortgage investment corporation), CMIC Mortgage Investment Corporation. Through CMIC, we also offer unique investment opportunities to our Investors.

Our strong relationships with our brokers, investors, lenders, and borrowers are built through our experience, dedication and superior customer service.

Heather Briglio

Heather Briglio joined Cove in 2009 and became President in 2014.  She has extensive experience in the mortgage lending industry, beginning her career in 1978.  Over that time, Heather has gained considerable knowledge in both prime and subprime lending.
A licensed mortgage broker in British Columbia since 2006, with a previous license in Ontario, Heather has held management positions for several national mortgage, trust, and financial services corporations.


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604.929.8156 x15

Meet Our Team

Carly Erickson
Underwriter, Broker
Sally Wheatley
Michelle Sauvageau
Legal Administrator
Drea Beye
Mortgage Administrator
Ming Chung
Ross Elliot
Agent for Vancouver Island

Support Staff

It all started when Michelle brought her older shitsu Tequila into the office…He was a faithful employee for
2 years until he passed away. Since then, both Sally and Heather got new puppies and they became
our new office dogs. And we certainly couldn’t imagine the office without them!

Mortgage Support Pup
Mortgage Support Pup
Original Support Pup